Takumi Means

Takumi - is Japanese for artisan or skilled. ... Luckily, they know just how to grab the opportunities that life offers them, which they do rapidly and skillfully.

Takumi Japanese Grill presents a quality food and dining experience with dishes skillfully and artfully prepared for those that appreciate the Takumi life style.

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Hibachi is Japanese for grilled;
Hibachi cooking is distinctive in that Takumi meats (chicken, steak, shrimp or scallops) and vegetables (broccoli, carrots, onions & mushrooms), are sliced into bite size pieces then quickly cooked with flavorful sauces & seasoning on a very hot grill.

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Teriyaki is the name of a delicious slightly sweet with a hint of garlic Japanese sauce used to flavor and marinate Takumi meats  prior to grilling into a zestful glaze before serving.

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Asian PHO

A classic Asian noodle soup that’s a little tricky to pronounce but easy to love.

Pho is distinctive for its fragrant slow simmered broth served so very hot that it cooks thinly sliced meats right in the bowl.
Takumi combines fresh herbs basil, cilantro, lime, onion, sprouts, rice noodles and your choice of meat to keep you coming back for more.

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Takumi Pledge

At Takumi Japanese Grill, you'll always enjoy a clean environment, fast courteous service and food at a reasonable price.
We serve only the finest quality meats and fresh produce purchased from local suppliers.

Seniors receive a 10% discount.

We'll never own a microwave or bring a TV into your dining experience.


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Takumi Japanese Grill opened in November 2018.
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Were in the Brigham City Fun Center
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